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Nuera Analog Gateways

Nuera’s MP-1xx series of analog VoIP gateways offer superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP telephony networks and IP-PBX systems. They are fully interoperable with leading communications platforms, and support a wide variety of service provider and enterprise applications:

  • Service providers can use MP-1xx gateways to connect various analog devices to their hosted telephony service.

  • Enterprises can use MP-1xx gateways to connect analog devices like fax machines to their IP communications system. The MP-1xx gateways also provide Standalone Survivability (SAS) for small branches when there is no IP connection between the branch location and the central IP communications system.


Nuera’s MP-20x series of analog telephone adapters are cost-effective, advanced 2 and 4 port ATAs. They can be used to connect analog phones, fax machines and conference speakerphones to IP communications systems.

The Nuera MP-1288 is a best-of-breed high-density analog media gateway. It offers a cost-effective solution for organizations transitioning to all-IP that need to integrate large numbers of analog devices (such as legacy phones and fax machines) into their new infrastructure. The MP-1288 enables these organizations to protect the investment made in their analog devices and cabling while enjoying the functional and cost benefit of the move to an all-IP infrastructure. It is particularly suited to the needs of markets such as service providers, hosted UC operators, the hospitality sector and large enterprise campuses.

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